Hi. I’m Jose Maestas. Owner and sole photographer at Jose M Photography. I am a family man, husband to my best friend, father of two crazy-energetic boys, and an artist at heart. My world revolves around my family and I probably have a million photos on my iPhone to prove it. I was raised in the Central Valley and now call Thousand Oaks my home. After graduating high school, I studied art & design at Brooks and have been working in the industry for over 15 years. I’ve been an artist, sketching, drawing & sculpting for longer than I can remember. I can pinpoint my passion for photography, however, to a single moment…

One day I was exploring through some old boxes in my grandfather’s garage when I came across an old Minolta 35mm camera. At only eight years old, I began snapping photos instantly. A fascination with learning more about how to create the amazing shots that I saw in magazines fueled my passion and I was hooked. My artistic nature has guided me across many areas of the art world. From having pieces displayed in galleries to designing marketing material for international corporations, I have been blessed with the opportunity to create art in many forms. Photography still remains my favorite.

As any good photographer, I try to remain true to my artistic roots by incorporating film photography into my work. I’ve found that there’s a certain look and feel of film that you just can’t capture with digital. In the end, my goal for every shoot, whether it’s a wedding or senior portraits, is to push myself farther than before and capture the finest photographs possible.