Amie + Jeb Santa Monica Engagement Session

Amie + Jeb Santa Monica Engagement Session

When Amie and Jeb called me and asked if they could shoot their engagement photography session at the world famous Santa Monica Pier I was excited.  I love that location and all of the character that can be captured there during engagement sessions. When they told me how it held a special place in their hearts as Santa Monica is the city where they first met, then I was more than honored to hold their engagement session at the pier.

Our original plan was to begin shooting at around 6 and finish with shots of the pier and the beautiful Santa Monica sunset in the background.  Of course, in Southern California, the unexpected should always be expected.  There just so happened to be construction at the entrance to the pier and parking was a nightmare.  Our shoot started almost 30 minutes late but we still ended up with a great session. I had to work faster than I normally do, but we were still able to capture the golden light and create some beautiful imagery.

We started our shoot under the pier.  I love this spot for the beautiful lines and light that the pier creates.

The atmosphere in our session was so electric that these two couldn’t keep their hands off of each other.  That’s perfectly fine with me! It makes for more emotional engagement portraits.

Once we were finished shooting under the pier we hopped on up to the pier and took some photos at the famous Pacific Park.  It’s always so much fun taking romantic shots of the couple, surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the pier.

As the sun made it’s way past the horizon, we moved out to capture some cool shots dragging the shutter. Amie + Jeb were simply amazing as the wind refused to play nice with my light stand and kept blowing the lightbox away from the two of them. I was finally able to make the light stay for a brief moments and we captured these great light trails.

To finish the shoot off right, we ended at the famous Santa Monica Pier entrance sign.  Between all the people that were leaving, the group of street performers drawing a big crowd, and all the people making their way to the restaurants on the pier, the spot was PACKED!  Luckily we were able to jump out in a break in the crowd and take a few shots.

This was definitely one of my favorite engagement sessions.  I whole-heartedly enjoyed spending the afternoon with Amie and Jeb and am looking forward to their wedding!